Thursday, February 18, 2010

When being right means refund

This week alone, I cancelled two parties already who were suppose to get services from partyboosters. The first one was an incident that caught me off guard. A client inquired from me originally for decors, host, give aways and food carts. she then cancelled all party items and retained only the food carts. it was fine with me thinking that maybe, her budget would'nt allow what she originally wanted. so she deposited and one morning asked me if i knew the address of the venue. it was a residence so i did'nt know what her exact address is so i simply replied with "no, please send exact address". i was shocked to read her reply saying "how can you accept payment without even knowing where the venue is? is this how you handle business?" i was more surprised and confused then later got angry about why she replied that way. Then i explained that i was referring to the exact address which she did'nt give and told her that she does'nt have any right to ask me how i do business as i've been accommodating her for the longest time and i was fine with all her revisions until her text. i asked for her account number and i refunded her payment. the following day, she apologized.

Another client snapped at me. She confirmed like 5 days before her party and finalized that she will also add ceiling decors after i convinced her to add the ceiling decors as it will look really bare. So when she decided to add, i informed her that we'd have to rent out scaffolding for the decors since we party planners all rent out scaffolding. She got mad as to why it was only now that i informed her about it. The answer because I did'nt know what she will confirm for her party. she originally didnt want the ceiling decors so why would i inform about the scaffolding in the first place. She apologized immediately and asked if we can accommodate her given the constraints. Personally I wanted still but a big part of me values my relationship with my clients and if we'd work because we're stuck with each other, I don't want that to happen. So i gladly refund the payment as well.

I know that having to refund means some loss as you've exerted effort already and also expected that you'll do business with your clients but then again, these happen and i value what i have with my clients. :)

Another client had a burst of emotions when she emailed me her final order and dimensions of the ballroom. finally knowing about her order, i then explained to her the situation that we might need to rent a scaffolding and all that. before i can even try to find a way for her not to shell out more money, she replied with why did'nt i inofrm her earlier? i could have but i have'nt gotten her final order until a week before the party so that's the only time i can inform her about our situation. anyway, i told her i could decorate it still but after reading her email of wanting to cancel, i thought then it might be the better option. she again emailed and apologized for her burst of emotions and asked if i can accommodate her party. given the situation, i think it's best to work with a different supplier. :)

just want to share my share of experiences with clients from all walks of life...hehehe.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

From east to south to north

I will make a more detailed posting about how my weekend went but one of the many things i did was to drive from rizal, to cavite and then fairview. whew! good thing it was a sunday and the traffic was not at all that bad, considering that it was hearts' day. but man, the drive was so tiring still. i'm just so glad that my clients were all happy with what we did and all the stress was worth it. :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

It was a good weekend

I've always anticipated weekends because it's party time for me once again. Saturday is my Monday. The weekend that passed was a pretty good one. I had four parties all in all. Clar's party (Lucas' 1st) was a blast. I loved how we did our swags and loved it more that her family raved about it :) It was also nice to see a familiar face, Kim of Let's paint the town red. Sabi ko nga, "aha, enjoy na enjoy ka at guest ka sa party ha. " hahaha. you see, it's very seldom for us party planners to come to a party that we did'nt organize/work at. that's why when that opportunity comes, you grab it and enjoy it bit by bit! haha.

There was also Ninet's party (EMAN's 7th) at Fun Ranch Alabang. And oh man, naloka ako with the miscommunication or misunderstanding that we had. as in, i was frantic for a while but grateful that ninet understood me and the situation was under control. :)

There was also Jacqui's baptismal reception of Migo's, her third child. i'm so thankful when my clients get me not once, but twice and going on third pa. kakataba ng puso. and even more grateful when you find out that almost one table of her guests were your clients already. ahehe. thanks jacqui for trusting us always.

I won't post pictures as of now since i've a lot of backlogs for uploading my party pics in my multiply site. that's it for now. :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

First time

Wow, i just created a blog for partyboosters. i hope i'd be able to maintain this blog. my multiply site has a blog tab there but i can't blog there feeling that's the site if too "official" to be posting personal stories of my experiences as a party planner.

I hope this blog will deem its purpose of being updated with stories of my life as a work-at-home mom and how it has been an effective set-up for my family. I also hope that this blog will be updated of the pictures that i will take from the pictures that we help organize.

Welcome partyboosters to the blogging world!