Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gracie + Ryan = Dade

I know I'm really blessed with very nice clients.  God has made sure that my life is easier with the clients He gives me.  And one of them is Gracie.  They got me first at Dade's baptism and she was very satisfied with how the decors and set up turned out.  They love swags and I being very particular with swags, I was glad she was satisfied with our first party together.

Last weekend, Dade turned one and they went home from Dubai to celebrate it with a party! i loved them even more! It was so easy working with them, and they appreciated all our efforts, making me feel like i won a trophy for best party planner. hahaha.  I even saw her running in her stilletos just to see the  venue and the entrance arch. :-)

I know we get paid on what we do but more about the money, when we get thank you's and hugs from our clients, it's even more fulfilling to know that once again, God gave me the chance to make a family happy :)  and these are the things i remember when i feel burn out.  I will look and remember these things and know my real purpose in life. :)

Thanks gracie.  Below is a text message Gracie sent me the night of the party and the day after :)

"Jacque, thank u soooo much for the super gandang party! I love what u did sa party place!! Bongga talaga!! Naku, sa sobrang stress ko di na nga kita natanong if may add'l kami to pay -- sorry ha! just let me know na lang how much. kahiya sayo pati tension ko inabsorb mo na rin. Super duper happy kami and we will be bringing home happy memories of Dade's 1st bday party :) we owe u big time!! hope you got simone a lootbag before you left."

"I'm still not over the party, Jacque! now that i've seen pics, lalo ako na in-love :) than you sooo much for making it happen... I love you sister! and super thanks sa gift mo for Dade -- bonnga talaga ng party :) it means so much to us talaga, lalo na yung pag-asikaso mo ng items and all. you're heaven-sent! God bless u!