Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Andi's 1st bday

Here's Minnie's thank you letter that got me teary-eyed:

"Hi Jacque,

Just want to thank you for all the assistance in putting up a wonderland for the kids and syempre for Andi! We were so happy with the dedicated service you gave from the balloon decors and coordinating with all the suppliers (food carts, side entertainment, host). You know what, pinabilib mo ako when I asked you nasan na si Blink and I said I still need to pay them. Sabi mo ikaw muna nagbayad! hahaha...San ka pa? Coordinator na, nagpaluwal pa! Even sa mga suppliers na hindi under sayo, ikaw ang nakipagcoordinate during the party, just to make sure that di kme mahassle ng asawa ko. =) We are truly grateful for that!

Thank you also sa tyaga with my kaartehan sa mga details. =P hahaha... Napa-wow lahat ng guests sa balloon decors! Super thank you Jacque! You are one of those people who made Andi's 1st birthday a very memorable one...for Andi and to her guests! Looking forward to working with you again. Keep making kids and parents dream of having a memorable party come true! =)"

and here are some pics ...

To God be the glory!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The one with december

Merry Christmas everyone! December has always been my busiest month.  And to welcome the month, I caught colds. waah! I guess it was because of the hectic weekend that was and the fact that i started running (err, walking + jogging = running) might have affected this clogged nose of mine.  But it wont stop me from blogging about how happy i was with the weekend that passed. (wow, it rhymed!) I had two Alice in Wonderland parties that i attended and i'm so blessed to have worked with them. super nice families. :)

Minnie - i've always loved minnie.  The first time we met when she went home for a vacation( they're based in HK), it was an instant connection.  I love it when i feel that connection with my clients.  It's very important that i gain their trust and that they're comfortable telling me what they think and all those things for their kid's party.  And Minnie is one of those clients.  When we met the second time, when they went home days before the party, I have to admit, I got a little pressured.  hahaha.  When she mentioned about how her guests are expecting too much from the party and how one of her friends who got another PP (hehe) will be there and that they might have the same theme...waah! hahaha. But I followed my heart, prayed for it and realized that I'm here to please God, to please my client and that's it. I just worked on what i can and i'm soooo happy that they loved everything. :) Thank you so much minnie! chat with you soon!


This might be the only weekend that i'm at my most relaxed mode.  But I'm still preparing for three parties this weekend and a corporate event on monday. :) I took the advantage that in between, I get to sneak shop for christmas, and organize the party for seeds of hope foundation on dec 20. yey! praise God for all the blessings and for providing for the sponsors for these kids. :) I'm blessed that almost everyone that i emailed have positively replied. So there's gonna be a party for the kids! I'm so excited! Will post pics soon. :)

Merry Christmas everyone!!!