Thursday, November 18, 2010


Sorry if this blog has been neglected of my presence for the past months.  It's getting busier by the day and I really don't want to cram this time of the year.

I have a lot of stories and stuff to share, as usual, but at the top of my head, I wanted to share my unusual meeting with a client last week.  I won't disclose any identifying details about my client as it is confidential enough.  Her baby is a product of artificial insemination. yes, what you can only read about from the net is now something where i can say "i know someone who is..." I was pretty shocked when she told me about it.  But realizing about it now, I have more questions to ask her (although im not even sure if she wanted to answer)

~ she mentioned that she does'nt want to have a husband as it's just a headache. she just wants a baby. i never thought of any means to have a baby that to have a husband and have a family.  But of course, reality strikes that there are single parents, broken families, widows and orphans but never in my mind that i can actually say that this child has a mom, just a mom.  I don't want to pass judgements so i'm closing this statement now.
~ I wonder how she will manage to tell it to her kid one day.
~ I wonder if there are other reasons why she went through the process
~ As of this writing, I cannot even point out what i'm thinking about, whether i'm right or wrong.

But more than anything, every child is a blessing. No matter where he came from, how he was formed...a baby will always be a blessing. :)