Thursday, May 31, 2012


When it comes to parties and events, it gives me an unusual excitement and thrill everytime we're fully booked or we're up for a challenging event.  And this month, (as we close the month of May) we could'nt agree more.

~ We catererd to 2,500 servings of food cart for Sun Life agents in World Trade Center.  Via Mare was the one who got us for the event and I could'nt thank them enough for giving us the chance to work for this event.  When I asked Ms. Imelda how she came to know about us, she just googled us and read reviews about our company and that's it :)  They were satisfied and told me, there's more to come. yey!

~ Almost all our weekends were fully booked.  Last May 12 made it to my top list of most memorable party days ever.  Four parties, 2 big ones.  One party had no electricity; the other had a miscommunication with their host supplier and they had no sound system (host was not booked thru us by the way) and a big party of Muslim guests (about 400 pax) at Alphaland Mall.  After that day, all i could think about was lie down and sleep but praise God, everything went well. :)

~ Got inquiries for Sarah Geronimo's party and Rachelle Ann Go's party. yey

thank you for all the blessings. I pray Lord that there will be more like these to come, so we'll always have blessings to share to others as well :)