Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 10 - 11

I realized, in order for me to maintain the quality of this blog, i will share my experiences of the parties i have every weekend :) and i'll start with a great weekend i just had.

April 10
Abi Sungcal - Mommy Abi is a loyal client. i love working with them as they completely trust us for their party. Her boys always celebrate the same party as they fall near to each other. cool and practical too! thanks abi again!!!

Gladdys - Mommy gladdys is a singapore-based client. i so love working with her, doing online meetings (aka tsismisan). Meeting her was like meeting an old friend. we instantly bonded. not to mention i was able to work with a co-party planner, emie dizer. it was a great team up. i seriously thought everything went well :) thanks gladdys and aldwin and emie too!

Lisette - Mommy Lisette is another loyal client. She's easy to talk to. as in had a quotation laid out for her, revised a bit and voila. and she's very pleasant to deal with. i was happy i was able to work with her request for the cake stand and the host without transpo charge. ahehe. :)

April 11
Lara - Mommy lara had to be one of the genuine, pleasing OC moms i've worked with. there's OC toxic kasi and there's plain OC cool lang. she's got to be the latter. :) she knew what she wanted from the start. and when i get to work with really nice people, giving freebies or additional decors is something i'm very much willing to extend. when i surprised her with her freebies, she hugged me and can't stop thanking me. it was a simple upgrade but the happiness i saw in their eyes were priceless. :) her guests were really nice people too.

Anna - Mommy Anne is the kikay and kwela mom. I actually see myself in her, promise! and she's one loyal client too :) the thing though, we planned the party decors for like 3 days only! hahaha. and it got me nervous thinking that i might not be able to execute it according to her plan. but thank God, everything was good. :) thank you so much!

Shay - Mommy shay is one working mom. my world went ballistic with our last-minute bookings but party was still a blast! im glad she loved the details. we made a very intricate centerpiece for her which i will post in my multiply soon :) thanks shay!!

thank you Lord for giving me good clients! :)