Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Blessed with good clients

I've always thought i'm blessed with such wonderful and nice clients.  Everything is a lot easier because I have clients who are easy to talk to, respect me and trust what i do.  Here's another thank you note from mommy tin :)

"sis, GRABE super thank U tlga wala ako masabi. sabi ng mga bisita ko na mesmerize sila sa place pagpasok. kaya super thank you talaga. Galing mo sis. tuwang tuwa si husband pagkita. nagulat nga sya kasi ako lang lahat nag plan, pero sya lang nagbabayad. sis, next time po ulit."

everytime i get thank you notes like this, it makes my hear skip a beat :) thanks for all your trust!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Event ideas

An online friend of mine thought of suggesting that i write a book about birthday ideas, anything that i can find useful for parents throwing parties for their kiddos, like sharing tips on 7 traditions, crafts that even the not so artistic parents can do, or just practical ways to hold a party the more efficient way, or simply avoiding the Don'ts.  I was inspired with the thought so i started reviving this blog of mine and hopefully if i'd be able to compile that many tips in the near future, i'd be able to self-publish a handbook like "party planning for the dummies" type. haha.

all in God's time. :)

DIY of the week -- Pink lemonade stand

Well, i did'nt exactly did this myself but my reliable carpenter did it for me.  I had to make sure the exact pink color will be painted here.  And i asked my carpenter to leave the back portion open so after using it for a party, i can use it as a box. If you're having a garden party like the one i recently organized, this lemonade stand is a unique way to welcome your guests...with a fresh, cool lemonade. yummy!