Sunday, September 16, 2012

The one with crafts for parties

I did a bear and horse themed party several weeks ago and i noticed that i had more DIYs here than my other parties that day.  I really enjoy doing these stuff and maybe you'd be interested to include some of these crafts for your event.

Paper poms
You can use these anywhere. Materials cost so cheap.  They're very easy to make and really nice in pictures. Below is a step-by-step instruction

I did'nt realize how nice these look even if it's just so simple to make.  Nothing fancy but really nice for baptism, tea party events, etc.

Here's the link that i saw and learned from

above are some of my works. :)

Friday, September 14, 2012

A very inspiring message

Nothing beats my stress and "pagod" but a warm thank you message from a client.  You see, I know we get paid to do what we do but I would like to think that our efforts and services are much, much more worth it when we see that our clients are very satisfied with how each event turns out.  And with this, I'm so happy to include here a thank you email from one of our clients.  It's so warm and inspiring, almost made me teary-eyed. ;)

Email of Ms. Yayo:
My papa [father] is hard to please.  Normally, after a party he says, "sana ganito, sana ganyan", and in times like this, it simply means, he is not impressed with the party. But last Saturday's party (and I remember, also on my wedding), I didn't hear the same comment.  Instead, he kept on saying the party was really nice, it's different, the host is really good, the food tastes really good, he enjoyed the food carts, and all other praises for the party. That my papa was impressed is an affirmation that last Saturday's event was a HUGE SUCCESS.
And for this, Jeisha, JP and myself will be forever grateful to you. 
It is not only about the fantastic and elegant decors that I am most grateful for... it was the LOVE that you put into it.  My husband knows that I am picky with suppliers and/or event organizers, and I don't easily trust people, but after our meeting at Starbucks, I told my husband, I already found the "one", as I have been talking to other event stylist/party planner but after every telephone conversation, my heart always says, "The search is not yet over." 
And why did I say, after our first meeting at Starbucks, that you were the one?  Simply because you listened to me despite me being non-comittal to get your services, you shared your ideas for the party without fear of me just copying it, and more importantly, you agreed to meet with me without getting any assurance  that I'll get your services (unlike one popular event stylist who was very accommodating at first but, much to my dismay, gave me a cold treatment when I told her that I wanted to meet with her first and listen to her ideas before making any confirmation).  Your action and response gave me the impression that I'll be working with a woman who's passionate about her job, not mainly because of the profit you'll derive from it, but primarily because you want to satisfy your client's quest for perfection and satisfaction.
And yes, jp, jeisha and myself are now included in your roster of (extremely) satisfied and (very) happy clients.  And not to forget all our guests who, to this day, still talk about our party in AWE.  To them, our party was simply amazing... and you were part of it.
Again, our gratitude to you, your staff and all the suppliers.  And pls. do extend our deepest gratitude and admiration to Flooch.  He was not just a perfect host, magician and ventriloquist, he seems to be a very beautiful person inside and out.  And to his wife, too.  I just can't forget when Flooch said that my daughter's eyes are SO BEAUTIFUL, hehehe. More than appreciating Jeisha, I think that was a simple gesture of making a connection with us. 
'Til our next party.

And here are some pictures of Jeisha's victorian-themed party.

I had this logo made by a british artist :)

 i had this centerpiece made from scratch, the wood, the hat which we embellished with laces and faux flowers.