Sunday, June 19, 2011

When people disappoint you

I've been silent and trying to be numb about this person for a long time already.  I've tried to understand her situation but it just keeps on getting more frustrating when people really disappoint you.  You see, I chose not to have that many "close" friends in our industry.  I can say, I have a lot of networks, business friends and those i keep professional relationship with.  But I've managed just to keep a handful of them to be close to me.  Not because I want to isolate myself but because I want to keep everything casual, and less risky for me.  So when this person befriended me and offered her friendship with me, she was one of those few who became close to me.

When she needed help, I tried my best to be there.  I gave whatever support she needed.  What made me upset was that she never did any of her promises.  Everything was just a bed lies smacked to my face.  I just want it to end and pray that she will get back to her own ground again, without hurting other people.

But just the same...she has to fulfill what she said she will do.  Oh we