Wednesday, March 31, 2010

DTI done

For the longest time, I've been waiting for my application online made with DTI to be processed and approved. I've finally given up and decided to do go directly to their office and apply the business name. I don't want to be pessimist or see it as a negative sign but when i went to their mandaluyong office hoping that it would be done within the day. Lo and behold, the address i used (cainta address) should be applied to their provincial office. ok so i then got another form and used our pasig address only to find out that my surname is foreign sounding and should have other supporting documents to prove that i'am a filipino. betcha by golly wow!!!

I lost my temper but i kept my cool and asked an explanation as to why the girl had to let me fill up another form (in two sets) despite of her preliminary "browsing" of my application. I mean, she should have seen the surname before she asked me to fill it out again.

So after a week, i went to the antipolo branch. This time i called their office first to make sure that someone will accommodate and receive my application. The girl i talked to said yes it will be received. so i went there with all the documents in tow and then as soon as i reached their office, they are in the process of trasferring office. hahaha. i wanted to get angry but i can't. i called the same girl who told me that someone will receive my application and told her not to give wrong information. people spend time for this, it's not like it's a stone's throw away. After my speech, they asked me to go to their new office and they accepted my application.

Sometimes, people need to fear on something or that you have to enforce anger or "angas" just so people will treat you fairly.