Friday, August 26, 2011

New found relatives

Fermin is my maiden name.  Our clan is just a handful and coming across a person with the same family name brings delight and excitement.  That's what happened when i met Maureen.  Her sister was the one who found our partyboosters site and who discovered that I'm a Fermin.  I was so happy when I met her in person and we tried to root out our family lineage.  And it got more exciting to know that we have common relatives, so yes, we are relatives.

Come the day of the party, she introduced me to her family and relatives.  It was so warm to be welcome and feel belonged.  I really love the feeling that even if we all just met, it's as if it's very easy talking to them.  I got to chat with her dad and uncle the longest. :)

Thanks Mau for trusting us for your party and for knowing more Fermins thru you and your family. :)